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Pulsed light technology ask

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Pulsed light technology ask

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1 what is the pulse light?

Answer: is the use of pulsed light pulse discharge engineering and inert gas special lamp, excited intense white light in the form of pulse, the spectral distribution similar to the sun, the light intensity of a world corresponds to the sun earth surface light intensity thousands or even tens of thousands of times the LED light source technology first.

2 Application of pulsed light technology?

Answer: as a powerful industrial technology of pulsed light technology, can be applied to many fields of water treatment, air sterilization, food processing, pharmaceutical, agricultural and sideline products, the technology can also be used in UV curing field and greenhouse plant growth, the curing effect is better than traditional UV curing, can increase the photosynthesis of plants in the greenhouse, promote the growth and pest control effect.

3 the spectral distribution of pulsed light?

Answer: pulse strong light is a broad spectrum of white flash, from near infrared to ultraviolet (200nm-1100nm), which is particularly rich in ultraviolet band, spectral distribution, such as the following:

4 pulse light sterilization principle?

Answer: the pulse light pulse light to produce high peak, the wavelength from ultraviolet region to near infrared light region is mainly white, bactericidal effect of ultraviolet light, the other band has a synergistic effect, can completely destroy the cell walls of microorganisms and nucleic acid structure, so it has a lethal effect on most microorganisms, such as bacteria, fungi, Bacillus subtilis and Escherichia coli, yeast, Staphylococcus aureus and other microorganisms.

5 pulse strong light and commonly used sterilization method comparison?



Basic principle



Chlorine sterilization

Cl2 reacts with water to form a neutral molecule, HCl0, which can enter the inside of the bacteria. The oxidation of chlorine atoms causes the bacteria to die.

Low cost long protection time

受环境影响大  生产的副产物太多有遗留气味

Ozone sterilization

O3 decomposition of [O], [0] in the water with a strong oxidation

Bactericidal effect of fast and can be in addition to the smell, color and iron, manganese, etc.

Unstable, at any cost increases, produce, produce carcinogenic bromate

Ultraviolet sterilization

Can change the internal organs of microorganisms, destroy their normal physiological functions, until death

Less investment, low energy consumption, short contact time

Penetrating ability is weak, affected by the voltage, the production of nitrate ions, long-term drinking will lead to high iron hemoglobin

Pulsed light

Third point question and answer

The sterilization effect of the best investment is low, low energy consumption

Not popularized

6 pulsed light with the traditional ultraviolet comparison?

Answer: Although the use of pulsed light in the spectrum of ultraviolet sterilization, but continuous monochromatic ultraviolet and ultraviolet mercury lamp reflecting ordinary has essential difference. Common ultraviolet generating method has two kinds, one is using a mercury lamp, with pulsed light lamp. Since before the common mercury lamp need preheating, so his emission form is continuous, but the strong pulse light is ultraviolet emission in the form of pulse, so he can emit ultraviolet light in milliseconds. About the difference between the two, we give a simple example: sunlight and lightning, the sunlight of a tree, a year may not bring any harm to the tree, but the lightning is not the same, he may just be the single output energy of the sun an annual total output of a very small part, but at the moment because he will destroy the tree output. This is the difference between a continuous type of UV light and a pulsed light. So in the case of the same energy, the effect of pulsed light on the killing of microorganisms will be far greater than the ordinary ultraviolet, the two are as follows:

Pulsed light

Traditional ultraviolet

Wide spectrum

Monochromatic light

Short exposure time.

Long exposure time

No obvious heat generation

Produce high heat

Microbial DNA fracture can not be repaired

Microbial DNA fracture can be repaired

Significant bactericidal effect

Bactericidal effect is not good

No need to preheat, that is, to stop

Need preheating


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