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ZHONGWUs achievements in fighting COVID-19

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ZHONGWUs achievements in fighting COVID-19

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At the beginning of 2020, a battlefield without gunpowder came quietly, "mountains and rivers are different, the wind and the moon are the same as the sky", "how can we say that we have no clothes, and we have the same robe with our children?" with a cry, every unity, every strength, has become the reason for our common fight against the epidemic. In the face of the shortage of materials in Wuhan, everyone is trying their best to fight the epidemic. ZHONGWU,as a high-tech enterprise, thinks that the first thing to fight against the epidemic is to start from the source and eliminate the germs. Therefore, our company worked overtime during the Spring Festival to develop a number of Pulsed light air sterilization robot, then sent them to Tongji Medical College and Wuhan Union Hospital.

Honorary certificate

Honorary certificate issued by Wuhan Red Cross Society

At present, the most commonly used disinfection methods in hospitals are disinfectant and ultraviolet. Long-term use of disinfectant will make the bacteria produce antibodies, which is difficult to kill. However, the ultraviolet sterilization work time is too long, which greatly affects the work efficiency of hospitals. From this point of view, there are some shortcomings in the two ways of sterilization.So, what's the difference between our pulsed light disinfection robot and the normal disinfection method? Pulsed light sterilization is a new type of cold sterilization technology, which is safe (mercury free), powerful and energy-saving. It is a new processing technology, which uses a strong flash of "white light" with a wide spectrum to kill microorganisms on food and packaging. Pulsed light sterilization is to use the strong white light flash of pulse to make the inert gas lamp emit the same spectrum as the sun, but the stronger ultraviolet to infrared area light can inhibit the growth and propagation of microorganisms on the surface of food and packaging materials, solid surface, gas and transparent beverage. The instantaneous release of high-intensity light with a spectral range of 200nm-1100nm, with a light energy equivalent to 10 million times that of natural light, breaks through the microbial cell wall like lightning, causes the cell to burst, the cell fluid to flow out and evaporate, and finally leads to the complete death of the microorganism. At present, no pathogen immune to pulsed light has been found. Of course, this is the working characteristics of the robot we donated. It seems that the Pulsed light disinfection robot can not only reduce the cross infection rate of the hospital more effectively and safely, but also greatly reduce the infection control cost of the hospital. Its disinfection time is within 5-15 minutes, the working time is short, and the working efficiency is greatly enhanced.


Pulsed light VS UV sterilization

Pulsed Light Disinfection Robot

Pulsed Light Disinfection Robot

In order to fight against the "epidemic" as soon as possible, all the staff of our company send materials to Tongji Medical College and Wuhan Union Hospital in the shortest time, day and night, at the fastest speed, hoping to help the medical staff who are fighting in the front line. Visitation of Providence is brutal but not us. In this donation, ZHONGWU interprets the "Red Cross spirit" of humanity, fraternity and dedication with practical actions. We believe that the country will get through the difficulties as soon as possible and usher in the spring!

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