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Domestic food sampling in the third quarter of 2016

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Domestic food sampling in the third quarter of 2016

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In the third quarter of 2016, the food and administrative departments of the state and provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government examined a total of 85,957 batches of food, including 83,748 batches of qualified samples and 2,209 batches of unqualified samples. The pass rate was 97.4%, which was higher than that in the second quarter. Decline (qualified rate in the second quarter was 97.8%).

First, Food category analysis

The four types of foods that were heavily inspected in the third quarter were confectionery, meat and meat products, food and its products, and beverages. 

Among them, 10,581 batches of cakes were sampled, and 422 batches were unqualified. 

The unqualified rate was 4.0%. The main unqualified reason was the illegal use of food additives, totaling 183 batches, accounting for 43.5% of the total unqualified, and 161 batches of microorganisms exceeding the standard. 38.2% of the total unqualified; 9024 batches of meat and meat products were sampled, 145 batches were unqualified, and the unqualified rate was 1.6%. The main unqualified reason was microbial exceeding the standard, totaling 75 batches, accounting for the total unqualified 52.4%, veterinary drug residues exceeded the standard 22 batches, accounting for 15.4% of the total unqualified; grain and its products were sampled 8853 batches, 35 batches failed, the failure rate was 0.4%, the main unqualified reason was food additive violation Use, a total of 24 batches, accounting for 68.5% of the total unqualified, 7 batches of biotoxin exceeded the standard, accounting for 20.0% of the total unqualified; 7479 batches of beverages were sampled, 205 batches were rejected, the main cause of failure was microorganisms Exceeding the standard, a total of 105 batches, accounting for 51.3% of the total unqualified. 

The food category with the lowest pass rate was the frozen drink, the pass rate was 92.6%, the main unqualified reason was that the microbe exceeded the standard (accounting for 57.9%), the protein was lower than the standard value (accounting for 26.3%), and the convenience food, The pass rate was 95.0%. The main unqualified reason was that the microorganisms exceeded the standard (accounting for 78.2%), and the other qualified rates were higher than 95%. 

Second, the analysis of the reasons for the failure

Among the unqualified samples found in the third quarter, a total of 711 batches of food additives were illegally used, 555 batches of microorganisms exceeded the standard, and 463 batches of unqualified quality indicators. The label identification did not meet the requirements of 220 batches.

Third, unqualified prevention and control tips

1. Microorganisms exceed the standard

Microbial exceeding standards are related to food raw materials, cleanliness of production and processing environment, disinfection of equipment and equipment, personnel hygiene awareness, storage and transportation sales conditions, etc. For food production enterprises, microbial risk analysis should be carried out from various links to determine key control points. The improvement of personnel hygiene awareness, the acceptance of raw materials, the improvement of production and processing environment, the specification of production process, the improvement of production technology, the control of storage, transportation and sales environment, etc., can reduce the probability of microbial contamination, and ensure that the microbial indicators of the final product meet the requirements.

2. Violation of food additives

The illegal use of food additives includes over-range and over-limit use of food additives, mainly related to the unfamiliarity of standards, unscientific formula design, raw materials and raw materials, and unstable processing technology. Enterprises should strictly abide by GB 2760-2014 "Food Safety National Standards for Food Additives", scientifically formulate product formulas, pay attention to the ratio and addition of additives, accurately weigh the ingredients, and refuse to use food additives prohibited by the state. Add to ensure that the final product's additive specifications meet national standards.

3. The quality index is unqualified

Quality indicators are indicators related to product quality, such as nutrients, product characteristics, etc. The occurrence of unqualified products is related to the quality of raw materials, product formula, production and processing technology, and factory inspection. Enterprises should establish a complete inspection system for raw and auxiliary materials, supplier evaluation mechanism, scientifically formulate product formulas, improve production technology, and strengthen product inspection to improve product quality.

4, label identification

The label identification does not meet the requirements. The reason for the occurrence is that the company has not mastered the General Rules for the Labelling of Prepackaged Foods for National Food Safety Standards (GB 7718-2011) and the General Rules for Nutrition Labelling of Prepackaged Foods for National Food Safety Standards (GB 28050-2011). The requirements of the terms; second, the formulation and management of ingredients are not standardized; third, the company takes false propaganda on the label identification for sales interests. Enterprises should thoroughly study the requirements of the label general rules, scientifically manage formulas, accurately formulate, and label design should objectively reflect the true attributes of products and eliminate false propaganda.

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