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Overview of pulsed light technology

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Overview of pulsed light technology

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Pulsed light technology is a kind of engineering technology using pulse discharge and special inert gas lamp, excited intense white light in the form of pulse, the spectral distribution of light source technology similar to the sun, a leading world light intensity corresponds to the sun earth surface light intensity thousands or even tens of thousands of times. It uses instantaneous, high-intensity pulsed light energy to kill all kinds of microorganisms, thus make up the shortcomings of traditional heat sterilization, chemical sterilization. Pulsed light appeared in 80s, it has become a powerful industrial technology, can be applied to many fields of water treatment, air sterilization, food processing, pharmaceutical, agricultural and sideline products, the technology can also be used in UV curing field and greenhouse plant growth, the curing effect is better than traditional UV curing, increase the photosynthesis of plants can promote the growth of the greenhouse, and has the effect of pest control.

First, the principle of pulse light

The basic structure of the pulsed light is composed of a power unit and an inert gas lamp unit. The power unit is provided by the high voltage and high current pulse to the inert gas lamp unit, to provide the energy required for inert gas lamps; inert gas lamp is the foundation energy in the power unit, issued by the ultraviolet to near infrared light region, the ultraviolet band is particularly rich, the spectrum and the solar spectrum is very similar. But the strength to thousands of times over to tens of thousands of times, such as spectral distribution graph:

The two part of the pulsed light devices. One is with a power amplification effect of the energy storage device, it can in a relatively long time (a fraction of a second) energy savings, then in a short period of time (microseconds or milliseconds) the energy release work, this will produce high output power in each working cycle (the actual average power consumption is not high), which plays the role of power amplification; the second is a photoelectric conversion system, it will produce the pulse energy stored in an inert gas lamp, produced by ionization can be instantaneous high intensity pulsed light.

Two, the principle of pulse light sterilization

Pulsed light is visible light, infrared and ultraviolet synergistic effect on microorganisms, can destroy the cell wall and nucleic acid structure of microorganisms, and thus kill microorganisms. There are significant sterilization effect of pulsed light on fungi, gram positive bacteria, gram negative bacteria, aerobic bacterial spores and fungal conidia, Staphylococcus aureus, Bacillus subtilis, yeast, bactericidal mechanism are the following main points:

1 actinism

Because of the genetic information in cells containing bacterial nucleic acid bacteria, when the nucleic acid is pulsed light irradiation will absorb ultraviolet light, thus forming a part of the two isomers of azabenzene and two azabenzene in vivo. This substance can cause the bacteria's own metabolism dysfunction, and will lead to the genetic problems of bacteria, until death. In the light pulse part 200-280nm the most easily absorbed, actinism is mainly UVC.

2 Photo thermal effect

Although the actinism mainly comes from UVC, but the UVA and UVB part of light pulse also plays a certain bactericidal effect. When the radiation dose reaches a certain level, UVB and UVA can make the cell surface temperature rapidly increased to 130 degrees C, thereby destroying the cell wall of bacteria, so that the cell fluid evaporation, completely destroy the cell structure, resulting in death.

Three, the advantages of pulsed light

1 high penetration

Because the pulse light has a high peak energy, it can penetrate the food packaging, and completely destroy the DNA. and ordinary ultraviolet most of the energy in the form of heat energy release. Pulsed light is like lightning, the same energy in the form of a high peak in the form of instantaneous release, completely destroyed DNA.

2 low temperature

Although the mechanism of sterilization with pulsed light contains a photothermal effect, but the following reasons make it still belongs to a kind of cold sterilization technology, low temperature characteristics will help to keep the processed food, nutrition food will not be destroyed.

A. action time is short, the quantity of heat is less than accumulation.

B. there is enough cooling time between two pulses.

C. pulse light do not like mercury have sufficiently high temperature of vaporization of mercury

D. pulse light average output energy less

3 stop / open control

Pulsed light stop / characteristics in certain environment is very important, for example: in the high speed transfer of insulin capsule production line, both ends of the capsule need to accept the ultraviolet radiation, while the middle section is to avoid UV radiation, which requires both ends of the capsule are passed, the pulse light began to work, when the middle part of the stop working. Pulsed light that stop / open function to meet the requirements, while the ordinary UV lamp because of the need to preheat and other processes, it can not be achieved in a moment to stop, open.

4 high energy efficiency

Pulsed light in the form of pulse output energy, than the continuous ultraviolet energy consumption to be less, the photoelectric energy conversion rate of up to 45%-50%, which accounts for about 38% of ultraviolet energy.

5 high fitness

The characteristics of pulsed light determine that the technology has good adaptation.

(1) according to the different environment to produce different shapes of light bulbs.

(2) according to different conditions, the different parameters such as pulse frequency and spectral output range can be preset.

6 Security

Pulsed light technology is safe because it does not contain mercury, does not contain high pressure gas, in the need to stop working immediately to stop, there will be no UV leak.

Four, the application of pulsed light technology

1 water treatment

Use of pulsed light technology in the field of water treatment, can effectively kill microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses in water, the pulse light treatment of drinking water can reach the national standard of drinking water. The technology can also be used in sewage treatment, because of its high energy efficiency, make up for the traditional ultraviolet technology of small power, large energy consumption, the technology in the field of wastewater treatment has a very large development potential.

2 air sterilization

Pulsed light can effectively kill the microorganisms in the air pollutants in the air are the main chemical pollutants (such as formaldehyde, benzene, etc.) and the biological contaminants (such as bacteria, fungi, virus), because the air is a good medium of light, various chemical pollutants can effectively decompose pulsed light air, and kill harmful microorganisms. Pulsed light is expected to replace the traditional ultraviolet technology, become the main means of air sterilization.

3 food and beverage sterilization

Pulsed light technology applied in the field of food and beverage processing, can effectively reduce the number of microorganisms on the surface of the food, can make the enzyme in food. The pulse light processing in food compared with untreated, chemical composition and nutritional characteristics have no significant change, does not affect the taste. Pulse light should be used in the food of the benefit is to extend the shelf life of the product, reduce the harm of pathogenic bacteria, improve the quality of food and improve the economic efficiency of the product, etc..

4 object surface

Pulsed light on the surface of the object can be bactericidal significantly, can be applied to the public places of sterilization, household sterilization, as well as medical sterilization and so on.

5 light curing

Pulse ultraviolet rich spectral distribution light, ultraviolet intensity is far greater than the traditional ultraviolet lamp, and the other band of synergistic effect of pulsed light curing than traditional ultraviolet curing processing time, good effect, high controllability, greatly improving the work efficiency.

6 greenhouse cultivation

Pulsed light is white flash a broad spectral distribution, similar to the sun, of greenhouse plant irradiation can increase the photosynthesis and promote plant growth, and play a bactericidal effect, pest control.

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